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19th October 2015

Simple Banana Sponge

I'm pretty rubbish at baking so this is an incredibly easy thing to make with your over-ripe bananas. And it tastes amazing!

30th September 2015

Finding Clarity the Shower

We're all so busy, when do we get a chance to think? Truly contemplate the things that matter?

25th September 2015

Simple Slack Messages for Laravel 4.2

A quick solution to post messages to the a Slack channel.

31st July 2013

Top Daily Git Commands Cheat Sheet

A cheeky little cheat sheet of a few useful Git commands which I use on a daily basis.

21st October 2014

Simple Banana Loaf

The banana loaf is one of my all-time favourite cakes and I've just learnt how to bake it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

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