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30th September 2015

When do you get the chance to think, to innovate and contemplate, to solve real problems and add value to your life?

We live in the age of distraction, of on-demand TV, social media and mobile games, of bleeps and buzzes and vibrations. Our attention is worth a lot of money to the like of Google, Twitter and Facebook. And it's now easier than ever to be forever distracted by the inane rather than actually use your brain.

Thinking requires a lot of energy, the brain uses more energy than any other organ. Aversion to deep thought might be a coping strategy that our exhausted, often sleep deptrived, bodies employ to conserve energy. Conciously we make excuses like; "I'm too busy", "I'm too tired", "I'll think about it later". But, what if every once in awhile we allow ourselves a moment of clarity, to clear our minds of the everyday clutter and engage that grey matter?

It's a tough proposition.

Personally, I've found a great solution which works well for me and fits in with a busy lifestyle. The ideal time to really think is when my body is active but my mind is not. This can happen under all kinds of circumstances, but for me the best times are either in the shower or whilst exercising. These are times when my body knows what to do, muscle memory takes over and my body goes into autopilot allowing my mind to detach from the real world.

I've heard it many times before; "the idea came to me in the shower!"

I often find myself contemplating all kinds of things from; solutions to problems at work, project ideas, to my feelings and emotions. I often find clarity and, more often than not, the answers I've been searching for.

So, next time you're struggling for answers or stuck for inspiration, try putting your body to work by going for a run or taking an extended shower, turn off all distractions, zone-out and let your mind wander. You'll be amazed at the the results.

You're welcome.

Update April 2017:

An interesting new TED talk by Manoush Zomorodi (with actual science) seems to corrolate with my ramblings and is well worth a watch...

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